Do you also feel
that something has to change?

Many women devalue themselves internally. Many women are exhausted. Many have set aside their plans and vision of the future.

Do you also experience that


you are exhausted - and have no strength to change?


your heart burns with dreams but there’s no firm plan to achieve them?


you have visions of great possibilities but stumbling blocks are strewn across the path?


you are in a crisis, and no-one wants to listen to you?


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because now there is coaching for

Women on the move

These are women who discover their uniqueness, who are powerfully realising their goals, who experience liberation on letting go of old ways, who see failure as an opportunity and leave their past limitations behind.

Just imagine you


see yourself in a new light


remove the stones on your way


connect with the right people


take the first steps


realise your heart’s desire

Whether you stay in your boundaries in the future or live as a woman on the move, I invite you to a free 30-minute start coaching session! Give me a call. I look forward to meeting you!

What moves me

„Nothing gives me more joy than to witness how a woman dares to take the first step – and succeeds.“


Women and their stories, their motivations and individual approaches to life is what fascinates me. While listening to them, I often discover a potential in those women that they are not aware of at first glance. Personally, I have come to understand that hidden goals, or desired changes that once seemed out of reach, often only need a first step. That is why I enjoy uncovering with women their dreams of a different future, getting them started and being their support on the way to reaching their goal.

Just imagine that woman is YOU!



Systemic Business Coach (SHB)


NLP Master (DVNLP)


Training in life counselling based on Christian values


Member of the ACC (Association of Christian Counsellors)


Certified (sworn) translator/interpreter for the English, Spanish and German language


Experienced trainer of Business English and Spanish (Cambridge Certificate of Teaching English to Adults)

Decide NOW

whether you wish to stay within your limitations in the future or live as a woman on the move!

I invite you to a

free 30-minute
introductory coaching session
Why not give me a call?

I look forward to meeting you

I look forward to seeing you!

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Doris Graf

Passionate Life Counsellor and Systemic Coach

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